Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 4 Summary

“Am I nobody?”

(A nice walk in the digi-park)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, the gang are STILL walking to the Green Terminal. The rail tracks finally have a fork in them, and whilst Takuya and Tommy go down one way, J.P and Zoe go another.

(I don’t have any chocolate, but don’t eat me)

They come across Floramon in Breezy Village, which used to be a hot tourist spot until the greenery died.

(Hey hey hey! It’s Krusty the Clown!)

The Mushroomon, who used to run the Village with the Floramon now hate them, and want to destroy all Floramon.

(Oh yeah! Gonna Digivolve!!)

When J.P, Zoe and the Floramon get attacked, a light shines out of the tree. J.P think it’s his chance to Spirit Digivolve!

Instead, the light goes to Zoe, by passing J.P completely.

(Blind-Bikini-Wind attack!)

Zoe turns into Kazemon, but isn’t strong enough to beat Woodmon.

(Sadly, she’s the first digimon that couldn’t defeat the enemy in her title episode!).

(You’re firewood, Woodmon)

Kouji is in the area, and digivolves into Lobomon to save the day!

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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