Book: New Moon (Twilight Series Book 2) Review

“Howl at the moon”

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure, Age: YA+

Released: 6th September 2007 (UK version)

Reviewing these books feels like diving into the grungy pasts on my teenage-hood. I remember reading this book, sighing over poor Bella and her predicaments and then waiting excitedly for Eclipse.

Well.. haven’t things changed..

Warning! This review contains spoilers for the Twilight Saga’s first book!




Everyone knows the story to this; Bella has grown attached to Edward to the point where they are inseparable. Even at school Edward has manged to bribe the school so all their classes are together, and he frequently visits her in her room as a vampire pillow.

But.. one day, he fears that she may be getting over-attached and plans on giving her a clean break by telling her that he doesn’t love her anymore and running away.

Bella now goes into a numb phase of her life and ignores her friends until they all leave her. Jacob helps Bella back on her feet, until Edward thinks that she may have killed herself, and decides to commit suicide too, leading to a grande ride to Italy.

There’s something really emotionally unstable about this book. Apparently the teens reading this suffer from “Edward-widrawels”, to the point that Stephenie Meyer herself recommended reading it twice, just so you don’t get carried away and skip the Jacob parts the first time.

I found this book slower than the first one, just because Bella goes into a stupour. Yes, it’s relative to the teen audience, but it makes books incredibly BORING. Readers don’t want to read about a girl who lounges around in a daze!

Meeting the Volturi, at the end of the book, is the most pointless thing I’ve ever read. They’re supposed to be significant opponents, so why have they only got the last two chapters for multiple introductions. This is just bad plot-pointing.

Why couldn’t Meyer cut out most of Bella’s moping and thrust the Volturi more forward in the book?

At least the last couple of chapters, where Edward plans on exposing himself (as a vampire) in Italy, are somewhat action-y, but even then, he’s stopped before anything can occur.

Overall, it was less interesting than Twilight. The only people that could save it were Jacob and Bella’s dad, who are both likable characters.

Rated – 1.5/5 Typical YA fluff, which isn’t so bad until it’s dragged down by Bella’s moping.

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