Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Mankind has Declined) – Episode 1 Summary + Review

“Aaah carrot bread!”

(Let’s take a break, that headless chicken got the better of us..)

Studio: AIC A.S.T.A

Genre: Surreal, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Age: 13+

Released: July 1 2012 – onwards

A surreal story of a world where Humans are about to become extinct and live with the presence of fairies. Definitely one of the more memorable series to be produced.

(Oh please won’t you kill the chicken for us?? )

The “UN Mediator”, real name unknown, is the main character who at the beginning of the episode has short, pink hair. The sitation in the village is pretty dire and she is asked to kill some chickens so that the village people can have some meat. Unfortunately, the chickens runs away..

(The fairies will eat human flesh tonight..)

At nightime, she has no food to give to the fairies that live with her and her father. These fairies are like tiny little people, with child-like but dark minds. Oh, and an animation quirk: they don’t close their mouths!

(Where is this delicious, mysterious, convenient food come from…?)

After giving the bad news to the fairies that they won’t be getting any sweets (they live off sweets) for a while, a few days later, some tinned food appears in the village.

(Let’s walk to Fairyland?)

Everyone’s happy about having something to eat, but the Mediator is suspicious this has something to do with the fairies. So she investigates with her village leader (her father) and the Assistant.

(I’m just the receptionist.)

Inside the Fairyco factory, they come across the receptionist, who’s only been working there a few days. Apparently running a big factory isn’t a problem because everything is automated.

(Hiya! Bread-chan will answer all your questions!)

He doesn’t know anything, but here’s a robot to answer all the visitor’s questions..

(You can bite into my delicious soft flesh. I’m made of bread… really..)

Until the loaf decides that life is too much, rips himself apart in spurts of blood and start crawling across the floor towards them….

Overall, bit random but funny. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Rated – 3.5/5 It wasn’t a series that initially caught my eyes. But it’s truly brilliant, and funny.

See the next episode!

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