Book: Twilight (Twilight Series Book 1) Review

“Vanilla vampires and the wimpiest heroine of all time?”

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Romance, Vampire, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure, Age: YA+

Released: 30th October 2008 (latest UK version)

Okay I know that everyone and their mum has heard of Twilight before. It’s become such a big phenomenon, and thrust it’s young actors onto a global scale. However, the way I remember Twilight is as a young girl, in High School, reading the books, admiring the characters and marveling at the unique perspective that had given to vampires.

That was when I was 14, and I was allowed to like Twilight because it’s actually aimed at teenage girls. So if you don’t appreciate it, well, chances are you’re older and better read…

Warning! This review contains spoilers!




The story is something that everyone is familiar with; Bella Swan moves into Forks, a wet town filled with a family of vampires and fall in love with one of them. The most mysterious one, in fact.

The entire book is written in first person, something that’s quite common in YA. It’s supposed to help relate the reader to the main character, and it usually works.  Bella, although clumsy and physically weak, has a tactical mind and eventually drags the truth out. You get to hear all of Bella’s inner workings as she slowly deciphers Edward’s weirdness.

Eventually she finds out that Edward is a vampire that can read minds of everyone, except for her. He’s good at everything and perfect, but he loves her and wants to drink her blood, but must resist because he would kill her, and also he’s sworn off to drink the blood of humans because that’s wrong

Yeah, I’m clearly not the target market anymore.

The pacing of the book is really slow. Some would call it too slow, and there’s too much ‘umm’ing and ‘aw’ing. I think there a lot of criticisms for Stephenie Meyer, but she got the teenage aspect of the book correct, and it really shows in how much Bella is like a typical starstruck teenager. There’s a particular scene where they’re driving in the car and Edward is speeding but not hitting anything that she finds particularly impressive.

Not much happens until the middle of the book where the characters are playing a baseball game in the middle of a lightning storm and a different coven of vampires stumble across them. Now these newcomers are a lot more traditional and still drink human blood.

James, the leader of this coven is a Tracker and wants to hunt Bella as a challenge. He feels that her being surrounded by a group of vampires willing to protect her is more interesting than scary.

As a result, Bella and the vampire posse decide to distract James while Bella hides. She’s not gonna win any prize for courage, and the book really suffers due to her non-confrontational and physically-weak nature.

At the end, James catches Bella, but Edward stops James, just as Bella is about to die. He also reverses the vampire process that Bella started once James bit her.

Overall, I thought the book was entertaining, and to this day I think it’s better than the movie version of the story. The movie concentrated on the relationship between Bella and Edward, which was important, but too ‘mushy’.. The action side to Twilight really takes a backseat in the movies, whereas in the book there is some kind of adventure and danger theme.

Rated – 2/5 It’s showing it’s age, and clearly I’m not the target market anymore. However, it’s a well rounded YA romance book, and it jump-started the fantasy-romance thing that hasn’t been common since Vampire Diaries.

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