Book: Hero of Ages (Mistborn Trilogy Book 3) Review

“Conclusion to an amazing story”

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Age: Adult

Released: 10th December 2009 (UK version)

Warning! This review may contain spoilers for Mistborn book one and book two.




The Mistborn trilogy ties up its knots in this last book. As we learned from the end of Well of Ascension, Vin has released a powerful dark force that now threatens the world. Ash is falling from the sky non-stop, and is killing people. The mists have become an enemy, rather than a friend, and Vin is desperately hunting for Atium which she believes will solve all their problems.

The last book really takes things up a notch. The reader gets to know Vin and Elend and their empire-building on a more personal level. It’s a difficult journey for both of them, and the reader is privy to their inner struggles. The action steps away from Luthadel for the last book. Instead the characters travel around the empire, and attempt to locate the storage caverns that were left behind by the Lord Ruler in preparation for the end of the world.

Fadrex City, run by an Obligator, Yomen, is under siege as Elend and Vin both assume that the stash is under there. This is quite a long arc of the book, which ultimately leads to nothing since Yoman doesn’t even have any Atium. On the plus side, it gives them a vital clue about how rare mistings can sometimes appear.

The second part of the book deals with Urteau, and the storage cavern underneath it, which also has an underground lake! Spook was here on a spy mission, and he has his own dealings with Ruin (the dark force), and how he becomes a dual-misting.

Strangely enough, I found the most interesting part of the book was from side characters like TenSoon and Marsh. TenSoon, the kandra that was Vin’s dog in Well of Ascension, is held prisoner in the Kandra homeland and has to convince his elders that the end of the world is coming and they must play their part in the battle. Marsh, now a posessed Steel Inquisitor, has some small chapters, but is by far the most intriguing and mysterious character in the book.

Quite a lot of stuff happens in this book, but I really don’t want to spoil it just in case I don’t do the story justice. The ending was truly spectacular and unexpected. I know that Vin and Elend were powerful, but I just didn’t see that coming..

Overall, I found that this book brought out two sides of me: the avid reader who couldn’t wait to finish the story, and the perfectionist reader who wanted to slow down and peer over every sentence. As a result, I had to read this book twice because the first time I was so excited that the trilogy was coming to an end that my eyes would just dart over pages, gleaming the briefest of details, before I turned the page. The next time, I read slowly and the story was better for it.

It’s hard to keep holding back when you’re this excited about a series, but I have to say Mistborn didn’t disappoint. I would say the only bad thing is that the story ended at all, but of course, every story has to end.

Rated – 4/5 Satisfying conclusion to this story and world. Even though sequels are planned, there’s nothing wrong with ending it here.

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On a side note: The alternative covers for Hero of Ages actually amuse me.

This is the scene where the Steel Inquisitors all gang up on Vin, but totally not how I imagined it.

And this one below… Elend looks ready for action!

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