Anime: Digimon Frontier – Episode 2 Summary

“Chocolate is dangerous!”

(Well at least they won’t have to attempt to jump)

Studio: Toei Animation

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Age: All ages

Released: April 1, 2001 – March 31, 2002

From the last episode, Takuya’s fractal code restores a portion of the Digital World, giving them a way off from the floating train station island. This is ultimatly the purpose of the series, to restore parts of the Digital World that have been destroyed by an evil Digimon.

(J.P sure knows how to bribe)

J.P and Tommy split away from the group and try to sneak back home. They bribe a digimon with chocolate for information. Unfortunately, they start off a chocolate frenzy.

(Do they still want the chocolate after it’s been in his pocket?)

Eventually, the digimon chase them down into a hole. Takuya and Zoe also fall in when looking for them. Coincidentally, Kouji Minamoto is also in the hole after following instructions from his Digivice.


On hearing calls for help, Kouji spots J.P and Tommy, and fights the digimon using kendo.

(Lobomon’s fistpump)

Just when things are looking rough, Kouji Spirit Digivolves into Lobomon and saves the day. He owes Takuya, he says, but then walks away from the group..

See the next episode!

See the previous episode!

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