Musings: Daughter of Storms

“Old books that are your childhood”

Author: Louise Cooper

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Age: Children’s

Released: 18th May 2001 (UK version)

Some books are so old they are part of your childhood.

Some are so faded that you’ll only see them again in a dream.

Either way, it shapes you as a person.

The Daughter of Storms was one the earlier fantasy books that I remember reading. I still have the book lying around somewhere, but the pages are so tanned.. I didn’t use to care properly for books, leaving them out in the sun..

Anyway, this is a great story by Louise Cooper, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. I encourage you to hunt down her books and read them. They are worth it!


Sixteen year-old orphan, Shar Tillmer, lives at the Court of the High Margrave in the Summer Isle of the Star Peninsula. Brought up with her uncle, Thel, in a world where magical talent, or a gift of higher power, is encouraged, Shar is disturbed – and excited – to discover that she has such a gift; she can communicate with the elementals – creatures of fire, earth, air and water who control and watch over the universe. But this gift needs to be carefully nurtured and Thel feels he is the one to guide his niece. Shar has never trusted her uncle, and when she overhears him plotting to kill the head of the High Margave, her doubts are confirmed. For the first time, Shar has to use her special powers to save a life, and defeat her evil uncle. In a terrifying duel with the elementals, and the gods of her universe, she fights against the evil that threatens her home and her special power . . . Until the next time . . .


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