Book: Mockingjay (The Hunger Games Trilogy Book 3) Review

“And so it ends… Finally!”

Author: Suzanne Collins

Genre: Dystopia, Action, Age: YA+

Released: 1st December 2011 (UK version)

Warning! This review may contain spoilers for the first and second book! Although I will avoid going into details.



Those people that have read my review of Catching Fire will know that I rated it very, very low. The reason was that the books had no direction, it lacked magnitude, it lacked power, it lacked structure, and most of all: IT LACKED A POINT.

Catching Fire seemed to be the start of a rebellion. Instead of fitting that into a quarter of the space, Collins managed to drag it out to a book with the same number of pages as The Hunger Games book 1. Fine, I can live with that. However, why on earth would you write another book, expanding on the same boring rebellion, with the same character issues that were never resolved!

Yes, I’m talking about the romance angle of Gale and Peeta… They both manage to have feelings to Katniss, for some reason. Katniss is “torn apart” because she can’t decide between them!

Let me put it this way Katniss: you’re in the middle of a rebellion, or at the very least, a post-apocalyptic world. This is NOT the time to be daydreaming about who you will kiss!

Collins managed to reduce Katniss into a sobbing, weeping, bed-ridden mess. She spends a lot of her time being bored, making the reader bored too. And there is NO sense of passion. The Katniss in the first book that would do daring things is gone, instead replaced by a person that gets over-excited whenever she sees sunlight and woods! It’s like seeing a child rather than a hunter. The strength of her is completely gone because she either spends her time hiding, in fear or being emaciated.

I know people are deprived in this world, but you’ll never see it, it’s so “orderly”.

They have SCHEDULES????

And don’t even get me started on the ending chapters of this book that are themed like ANOTHER Hunger Games arena. That angle is recycled again, but instead of being interesting the characters are thrust from location to location. Unknown people drop like flies.

The Capitol itself isn’t explored, and you only have a vague idea that it contains buildings. Of which I can say “DUH, of course an urban location would have buildings, please elaborate your descriptions, Collins.”

Katniss isn’t even around to see the end of the rebellion because she’s knocked out! See my rant above about how she’s doesn’t have any strength.

The most offensive thing about this series is what Katniss says in reference to the “new generation of Hunger Games”… She agrees! She’s been inside the arena three times and now she wants to let that continue??? That’s not a great character revelation.

Overall, it’s a terrible ending to the series.

Rated – 1/5  Rubbish end to what seemed like a promising series. Only read the first book, and make up your own ending. There’s no point in reading book 2 and 3’s drivel.

Read the review for the previous book in the series!

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