Purchased: Student Cookbook 100 Everyday Recipes

“I need to learn this!”

Genre:Cooking, Non-Fiction, Age: All ages

The chances of me doing a review on this book are really slim, but I just wanted to show off my latest acquisition which is pretty much guaranteed not to disappoint!

Obviously, it’s filled with 100 recipes, but more importantly, these recipes are idiot-proof, require minimal cooking and can be made by me! Truly joyous indeed.

I bought this in a WH Smith sale for £2.25, which is really cheap.

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  1. Melek

     /  August 22, 2013

    ‘Proof of the pudding’ (excuse the pun !) – have you actually USED the book since buying ? and has it really been of any use ? I am looking for a book for my son to take to Uni. Thanks

    • Hi,

      Yes indeed I have used the book. It’s been useful for fast and cheap recipes. The best section though has to be the ‘takeaway recipes’, which could pass off as wholesome exotic meals.

      The bad part about the book is that, recipes don’t seem to encourage variation. I would say everything is a little bland, so you may have to use salt, pepper and spices at your own discretion.

      Also, If you don’t know how to cook a little beforehand, you will end up spending extra money on ingredients that aren’t strictly necessary. For example, I tend to not use cream as listed in recipes, because it takes down the heat of the dish.

      But the student cookbook is well worth the money. After buying this book, I also bought the ‘Indian cookbook’ variation in the same series. that has proven it’s worth time and time again, although the recipes are a lot harder/longer to cook.

      Hope that helps. :)


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