News: Earn Double Points at Waterstones

“Do I have enough books in my life? …No, not nearly enough.”

Waterstones is having a double-points event in-store and online this weekend. It starts on Friday, 25th May, until Sunday, 27th May.

Even though I have many books to read, and recently acquired a lot more, I still want to buy a few titles.

In light of recently finishing the Arabian Nights, I’m tempted to buy the Wordsworth edition of A Little Princess.

As a companion to the series I recently purchased and am interested in, I think I will get rest of the Black Magician Trilogy; The Novice and The High Lord, as I already have the first book.

I’m also interested in the Hunger Games Trilogy since the movie came out, and everyone has been talking about it. It doesn’t seem overly exciting to me, but maybe I will be proved wrong?

I’m also interested in more fantasy books such as Graceling, The Broken Kingdoms, The Way of Shadows, and A Game of Thrones. However, my time is very restrained at the moment and even if I were to purchase these books now, I wouldn’t have time to read them for the next few months.

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