TV: Mock the Week Old Series

“Mock The Week kick? But it’s so old!”

So recently I’ve been devouring episodes of Mock the Week. It’s the episodes from series Five onwards. I’ve never been much of a fan of the political climate in the UK but it seemed like YouTube wouldn’t stop recommending me episodes. After watching some random ones, I decided to watch them in order. Like my previous series marathon, Mock the Week is also very formulaic.

1. The Opener

I’m a fan of the Series 6 (and probably the previous series’) opener. It’s actually quite catchy!

2. Dara O’ Brien

Irish comedian Dara O’ Brien quickly grew on me with his lofty expressions and charming personality. He just seems really likable as he hosts the show. I also like he seems to have a shred of decency that the other comedians don’t always show (More on that later!)

3. The Panelists

Two teams are pit against each other to answer questions and make jokes about the stories in the UK papers and news.

In series 6, team of Frankie Boyle and Hugh Dennis, and a guest comedian, who changes each episode.

Also in series 6, Andy Parsons, Russell Howard and likewise a quest. Above is David Mitchell in the middle, one my favourite comedians, although he doesn’t seem as quick witted on MTW as normal.

4. Funny Voice overs

It seems really childish to me, but the voice overs for the Royal Family are Hi-la-rious! Hugh Dennis is amazing at the grumpy-posh British accent.

5. Frankie Boyle

He seems a bit of a heavy-weight in this show. I haven’t watched the newer series, like I said, I only caught some episodes cause YT recommended to me, but I’m not sure how much I like the show seems heavily in favour of Frankie and his crude descriptions. That being said though, a bit of controversy in a political comedy show, I guess that’s to be expected.

I’m really looking forward to watching some more episodes, though the show is VERY formulaic, and might just become background noise in the future. It doesn’t have the changing scenery that other shows like The Apprentice have. I’ll have to see.

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