TV: The Apprentice Series 7

“I’ve been on an Apprentice kick!”

The current series 8 are showing on BBC iPlayer, which is fine, but I wanted more!

So I went back to the previous series. I’d forgotten most of it, so it’s nice to look back at all the details.

The characters, who are obviously real people, get picked for their personalities. Of course there have been many series and so you get the same kind of character coming again, “the villain”, “the londoner”, “the northerner”, “The ditsy one”, etc.

The show is extremely formulaic, which is nice when you just want to relax and not be on the edge of your seat.

Hence.. The Steps of The Apprentice

1. The Morning

In the current episode, Series 7, episode 2; the team had to create an application for mobile phones. They have 24 hours to come up with an app, which will then be marketed to the world through online technology magazines.

As a technophile, I can translate that into: they will scribble some words and squares into a piece of paper, and then a team of competent programmers will make it for them. And then they will talk about the app to some magazine people. So yeah… it should be doable..

As usual, this odd request comes at a weird time in the morning, so you have a contestants looking frazzled as they open the door.

2. The Brief

Everyone’s hanging around in their jammies..

And, is one of them yawning or screaming?!

3. Alan Sugar

Listening to Lord Alan Sugar talk on a tiny laptop screen.

4. Scramble in their cars

The team set off the task, with the guys looking very friendly, and the girls… not so much.

5. Project

Project and task management ensues, and everyone gets the task done.

6. Back to the Boardroom & Win

One team wins right at the end and can act very smug.

Rinse and Repeat!

Yes it’s repetitive and predictable, and I know the Apprentice gets a lot of criticism for being a reality TV show dressed up in a business suit, but I feel that it’s a lot better than the rubbish that’s being outputted. I’m looking forward to finishing series 8, but as for now, I’m happy with the series 7 re-run marathon.

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