Musings: Alternative Art Covers for Harry Potter

“Never judge a book by its cover?”

Oh dear, shame on me! I judge by covers all the time. Most of the time the books I buy are because the covers are a type of “picture-summary”, and they’re supposed to be interesting and shiny.

Some of my favourite covers were from Harry Potter. I remember reading the book, and staring at the cover alternately. They used to take my imagination far away. It wasn’t a surprise when I spotted some of the latest UK covers in WHSmith and I spent time looking at them. It reminded me of an interview JKR did for BBC One a long, long time ago, where she mentioned signing different covers from around the world. She herself didn’t get asked for authorisation of covers, so you ended up with really unique looking ones from around the world.

Here’s some of my favourites:

I’m very amused that Harry, on the right with glasses, seems to have brown hair instead of black!

Lovely water effect of this cover! This is of the Half-Blood Prince..?

This is Goblet of Fire! I love how Ron looks to miserable. Hermione looks very European, and Harry looks very baby-faced and young!

Credit goes to Harry Potter Covers Wiki. Check them out for more covers!

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  1. Harry does look baby faced in that GOF cover.. i think it would have been more suited for philosopher stone.


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