News: A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix

“International Best-selling fantasy author”

Garth Nix has a new book out on less than a month!

A Confusion of Princes is his first young-adult book since the Old Kingdom series, which included Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen.

Author: Garth Nix

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Age: YA+

Released: 17th May 2012 (UK version)



A grand adventure that spans galaxies and lifetimes, A Confusion of Princes is also a page-turning action adventure. These are the three deaths of Prince Khemri. Told in his own words, we follow him as he trains to become a Prince of the Empire, an enhanced human being, equipped with biological and technological improvements that make him faster, stronger and smarter than any ordinary person. Not to mention the ultimate benefit: should he die, and be deemed worthy, he will be reborn! Which is just as well, because no sooner has Prince Khemri graduated to full Princehood than he learns the terrible truth behind the Empire: there are a million princes, and all of them want each other dead, because there can only be one Emperor!


Here are some alternative covers:

Also, here’s an interview with Garth Nix where he explains more about the book:

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