Movie: Mirror Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall!”

Studio: Relativity Media

Genre: Fairy-tale, Romance, Age: Children’s+

Released: 30th March 2012 (UK version)

So today I watched ‘Mirror Mirror’ with a group of friends. This wasn’t intentional as I actually wanted to watch The Hunger Games, however, it was sold out and this was kind of the next best thing. There were some surprises throughout, which I didn’t expect. The first of which is that this is basically a kid’s movie, albeit a lush looking one. It’s rated PG, and the humour and action is to get cheap laughs.

I didn’t know much about the movie, except that it starred “Julia Roberts and others”. The trailer features her heavily.

This movie starts off with some narration and CG animation telling the classic back story of the Snow White story, however, the narrator herself is the second wife of the king; Snow White’s Step-mother and this is HER story.

Snow White’s father (Sean Bean) one day rode into the forest, never to return. The step-mother, now called Queen Clementiana, has taken over the kingdom and she spends her time living lavishly, while the people of the kingdom (one village!) starve because of the constantly falling snow and the lack of food.

Meanwhile, Snow White (Lily Collins) has spent the latter potion of her life in the palace, stuck in her room.

Snow White breaks out of the castle, spends time with the locals (of one village!) and wants to make life better.

There’s a prince (Armie Hammer) along the way, who Snow White fancies, and the Queen wants to marry.

There are the dwarves, who unfortunately don’t keep their previous names. Although, on the bright side, they have more rounded personalities.

The entire movie is a splurge of fancy costumes reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, but not as memorable. Still it’s worth watching to get a dose of costume-fashion. Snow White in particular, wears some stunning gowns.

I won’t spoil the rest of the movie, but it was so painfully straightforward that it lacked the punch it was trying to pull through humour. There were some issues with acting as well, which seemed stilted and lacked emotion.

Snow White, although she’s beautiful, lacks the sincerity and passion that she’s supposed to convey about justice. The queen is snippy, but doesn’t quiet pull off the haughty tone. It’s not the actions of a woman desperate for youth, but rather a “look at me! I’m self-obsessed!” kind of actions.

The “Mirror” that the movie is named twice after is hardly featured. It should have had more focus, since those were some of the most surreal moments. The last kick at Princess rescuing the Prince to do the “opposite” of fairy tales and “modernise” it just seemed unnecessary.

Overall, I though the movie was a bit too simple, but enjoyable.

Rated – 2/5 Good for kids, and beautiful outfits.

This is the song that’s during credits! Very bollywood! ^^

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