News: The Host Movie

“A trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s The Host has been released!”
I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out for about four or five years. It’s been a long time in the making, and I’m really excited about it.

For those that don’t know about the movie, it has no relations to the horror film The Host (she’s the author of the Twilight series, come on!). This is a separate thing.

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Sci-Fi, Aliens, Romance, Age: YA+

Released: 29th March 2013

The story is about aliens that have taken over Earth called “souls”. Their nature of being nice has improved human kind. However, because the takeover removes human personalities, the humans don’t see it that way. There are very few humans left that retain their original souls, and one of them is Melanie Stryder, who is on the run. She gets captured eventually and the alien within her; Wanderer, (or Wanda as she affectionately gets called) is sympathetic to her.

This is dangerous territory for both Wanda and Melanie because they coexist within the same body. Eventually, Wanda and Melanie go looking for Melanie’s younger brother Jamie and her love interest Jared.

I’ve read the book before and found it more interesting than the Twilight series, just because of the parasitic aspect, and Melanie and Wanda are both likable and strong characters.

Although, if you still like the Twilight series then, you’ll still love this. It shares common themes, such as finding yourself, love competition between the two guys, and various ups-and-downs of human survival.

As a book, I remember it being more gritty than Twilight, but that may be because they weren’t rich, pampered vampires that had nothing better to do with their lives. Struggle for survival is good, and action-y enough to keep people interested and hopefully, it will do well.

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